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HVAC Line Sets & Copper Pipes and Fittings

Line sets are an essential part of every HVAC system. These semi-flexible copper pipes are used to carry refrigerant from the outside condenser to the inside evaporator coil and vice versa. Line sets are composed of two lines: the liquid line for cool, high-pressure liquid refrigerant, and the suction line for hot, low-pressure gaseous refrigerant.

Copper pipes are most commonly used for refrigerant lines in an HVAC system. It does not only carries the refrigerant between different components but also contains it from mixing to the atmosphere. Copper fittings, on the other hand, including elbows, couplings, tees, reducers and many more are also available to cater your different AC and refrigeration piping needs.

We offer a comprehensive selection of HVAC line sets, and copper pipes and fittings in a wide range of sizing, diameter, thickness, and insulation to ensure efficient system operation that will suit any of your specialized need at the most competitive prices.