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HVAC Duct Sealers, Tapes & Adhesives

A properly sealed and taped HVAC system get rids of leakage and thus operates in a more energy-efficient manner. Leaky ducts will increase your HVAC unit's heating and cooling consumption and so will your bill flare-up!

We offer a wide variety of industry-leading duct sealers, tapes, and adhesives demanded by every home and HVAC professionals for reliable and quality ductwork like sealing, wrapping, masking, joining, splicing and closing of rigid air duct and ventilation systems.

Choose from a long list of products ranging from uncoated and waterproof duct tapes, acrylic and rubber-based adhesives, and superior grade sealers perfect for a majority of ductwork usage whether it's just a quick fix or a permanent result.

If you cannot find the specific item you're looking for, contact us so we can help you with your specific sealing need.

  • Carrier - 48SS400383 Duct Panel

    Carrier - 48SS400383 Duct Panel

    Carrier - 48SS400383 Duct Panel has exact drop-in replacement for easy installation. This kit replacement meets exacts design specification for optimum system performance and proven reability. If you are not sure whether this replacement kit fits...

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