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Furnace Gas Conversion Kit

Are you planning to convert your propane furnace to natural gas or vice versa? There are many underlying reasons for that decision like energy efficiency, cost, and even environmental reasons.

Here's a quick rundown:

PROPANE is the more efficient choice as it contains more than twice the energy of natural gas.

But NATURAL GAS is the more economical and environmental choice. It is also safer in cases of gas leaks.

Converting your furnace gas is a straight forward and simple process but needs great care and knowledge to avoid accidents and damage. The process requires the changing of internal parts like the furnace orifices or jets and the gas valve spring to accommodate the pressure change between the gases.

To make sure of safety, a correct and suitable gas conversion kit is key!

If you are planning to purchase one but still unsure which gas conversion kit to get, contact us so we can recommend the best for your furnace!

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