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Gas Boilers

Most homes use either a furnace or a gas boiler as central heating systems. While furnaces heat air and distribute it through ducts, boilers, on the other hand, heat water to provide hot water or steam to heat space in the home through pipes and radiators. Aside from providing heat in your rooms, warm water can also be directly pumped for use in taps and showers, or stored in a hot tank for future use.

Here are four different kinds of gas boilers:

  • Combination or combi boilers produce instant hot water for taps and showers.
  • System boilers store hot water in an insulated water tank and also have cold water in another tank.
  • Regular boilers work like as system boilers, but can be vented (one cold water tank) or unvented (two cold water tanks).
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) boilers provide hot water and generate electricity for the home.

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