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Furnace Circuit Board

The brain of your furnace, the Circuit/ Control Board, operates ALL function and operating sequence in the order they occur to start and keep your furnace working.

Aside from directing the heating cycle, your furnace's control board also helps diagnose furnace problems through its indicator light and helps protect your safety by automatically shutting your furnace down if a failure is detected.

So basically, to initially troubleshoot your furnace, all you have to do is check the flashing codes in your circuit board and compare it to the chart located in the board itself. These LED lights serve as diagnostic indicators to indicate which problem causes your furnace to fail.

Green says your good but if it is otherwise and you choose to replace your circuit board, go no further. We have proper replacement parts and universal controls that can be used for many furnaces available.

Let us help you, contact us with your manufacturer's part number or the furnace model and serial number.