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Air Conditioner Accumulators

An Air Conditioning Accumulator is a structure containing a pipe system that converts the refrigerant from its low-pressure form (in the evaporators) to its high-pressure form (in the compressors).

So, why are AC Accumulators important?
Prevents Floodback - Hot air mixes with liquid refrigerant in the evaporator, however, compressors cannot manage liquid material. Thus, accumulators convert these liquid refrigerants to gas to prevent floodback.

Absorbs Moisture
- The desiccant in accumulators removes moisture and debris from the refrigerant. This moisture if left unchecked forms corrosive acid capable of destroying elements in your air conditioning unit.

Removes Oil
- Accumulators through a filtering system remove any oil, that can be detrimental for your AV unit, from the refrigerant as it enters the high-pressure system.